What's with the robot voice?

Is your writing a bit on the mechanical side?
Find out with our real or robot test

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What's with the robot voice?

Is your brand seen but not heard?

We’ll develop a way with words that gives
your business a distinctive voice

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Is your brand seen but not heard

Change more than words

Invest in writing and you’ll make your teams more confident and productive, and build strong relationships with your customers

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Change more than words

Don't get stuck on the shelf

We’ll make sure your brand’s tone of voice has a life beyond the guidelines. We’ll give your teams the support they need to put principles into practice

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Don't get stuck on the shelf

Get a free rewrite

Want to test us out? Email us some writing from your business and we’ll rewrite it – free.

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Get a free rewrite

We’re here to banish the blah, bull and bunkum from business writing.

We give organisations the hands-on help they need to ditch corporate speak and write with real personality.
Here’s how.

“The First Word has been a fantastic partner, helping us get our tone of voice out globally across our business.”

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)

What we’re thinking

Tweety words

Why the corporate speak in United CEO's 'apology' made a bad situation worse bit.ly/2pwGqga

10:19 AM Apr 13

The real or robot test

Is your writing animated or automated?
Take our quiz to find out (it only takes a minute).

This has been actioned. What's with the robot voice?

1. What does the first line in your emails usually say?

2. How much of your writing is ‘standard text’?

3. The word ‘I’ appears in your writing:

4. Empathy in business writing shows:

5. When do you use company jargon?


Good news – your writing shows you’re a living, breathing human being with a personality and everything. Want to see how your team’s writing matches up? Send a sample to hello@thefirstword.co.uk and we’ll give you our take on the language.


Uh oh. A mechanical tone is creeping into your writing. Email us at hello@thefirstword.co.uk and we’ll stage an intervention before you start sounding like the Terminator.

Half human half robot

Oh dear. Looks like you’ve been brainwashed by corporate speak. Email hello@thefirstword.co.uk and we’ll help you put the human touch back into your writing. Unless you’re one of those creepy robots that can play chess and have a conversation and do surveys.